What Is Fabric Shield


It is a PVC coated woven fabric, strong enough to take 15 consecutive test hits with a 2 x 4, weighting 9 pounds as can be viewed in the demonstration video.  Click here  to view it now.

Panels may be rolled, laid flat or hung for compact, easy storage


  All panels are custom sized for your home
  Lightweight, easy to handle and store
  Quick to deploy and remove
  Translucent, allowing diffused light to enter
  Exceeds Miami Dade Impact Standards
  Lower Cost

Fabric-Shield™ Storm Panels are made of PVC coated fabric that is tested to block wind, rain, and storm-driven projectiles to meet stringent building code requirements. The fabric is a natural translucent white color enabling homeowners to have more light in the house during the day. This is very helpful if a storm has knocked out power, or for those homeowners who leave the panels up for an extended period of time.

Unlike other steel and aluminum panels, the Fabric-Shield™ Storm Panels are lightweight and easy to handle. In fact, they are three to eight times lighter than most metal storm panels. Other advantages to homeowners are that the panels allow for compact storage because they can be rolled up, laid flat or hung up, and they do not have sharp edges that can cause injury.

What Makes Fabric-Shield™ stand apart from the other hurricane protection products? -- Just a simple question is all you need to ask. "What happens if a window breaks during a storm?" With Fabric-Shield™ you have a barrier against the elements, that means the wind and rain will be kept out and your home will remain intact. If you are using wood, metal shutters, hurricane screening or hurricane film on your windows once the window is broken, your home is open to the elements. This is what makes Fabric-Shield™ different!  The woven fabric allows for protection of all shapes and sizes of windows and doors, allowing the most flexibility when installing panels next to complex architectural design elements. Standard installation is done with male panel mates.

How does Fabric-Shield™ protect your home?
High winds and rain are the primary causes of hurricane-inflicted loss of life and property damage. Keeping the integrity of your home intact is the best protection against high wind damage. Storm-driven projectiles can break through unprotected windows and glass doors, causing a complete envelope failure of your home (when air pressure inside the home creates increased lift on the roof.) Fabric-Shield™ prevents rain and wind damage if a projectile breaks a glass door or window by creating an air pressure vacuum seal. Fabric-Shield™ Storm Panels are the innovative solution you have been looking for to protect your family and home.