G & L Enterprises



G & L Enterprises is a Wayne Dalton® authorized Fabric Shield™ Dealer. We are licensed and insured to do business in the State of Florida. Our home office is located in Osceola County and we do business in 8 counties in the Central and Central Eastern areas of the state.

We believe in treating each customer as if they were members of our own families, with respect, honesty and kindness.

We believe the key to making a good decision is information! We encourage our customers to ask questions; we want you to be comfortable and confident with your hurricane protection choice. Our goal is to help individuals and families to protect the two things that are most important - Your Families And Your Homes.

For anyone living in Florida the threat of hurricanes is a REAL one. Our goal is to help each and every customer insure the best protection they can afford. Our testimonial to this product is that we have it on our own homes.